Zain SMS packages are no doubt designed reliably by one of the most authoritative telecom brands in Saudi Arabia which is Zain. Zain is a multi-national company providing its high-grade telecom services in Many GCC countries including KSA.

The Zain service in all GCC countries is the most renowned company for middle-class people or expatriates who are for work purposes living in KSA with limited budgets. You can also say that Zain is a middle-priced or affordable telecommunication company with hundreds of mobile packages. As the internet offers booming days by day, SMS packages are too in demand.

Zain SMS Bundles

Zain SMS PackagesBenefitsExpiryActivationDeactivationPrice
Package 11000 Local SMS1MR SMS 1000 > 700160 D SMS 1000 > 70016020 SR
Package 23000 Local SMS1MR SMS 3000 > 700160D SMS 3000 > 70016030 SR
Package 310000 Local SMS1MR SMS 10000 > 700160D SMS 10000 > 70016050 SR
Package 4Unlimited SMS1MR SMS UL > 700160D SMS UL > 70016070 SR
Kareeb SMS offer0.15 SR/ SMS local and InternationalUntil SubscribedK > 959CK > 9590.15 SR
Khateer SMS offer0/19 SR On/Offnet SMS and Call Until SubscribedKH > 959CKH > 9590.19 SR
Zain Max offer0.45/local and international SMS1MM > 959Call 9590.45 SR
Visitor offer 5510 International Minute sand SMS and 2 GB Data1M55 > 959Call 95955 SR
Visitor offer 9920 International SMS and calling minutes, 5GB Data.1M99 > 959Call 95999 SR
International offer 150 SMS (int)1MDial *170#Dial *170#3.5 SR
International offer 2100 SMS (int)1MDial *170#Dial *170#6.4 SR
International offer 3200 SMS (int)1MDial *170#Dial *170#12 SR

Due to the low demand for SMS packages in Saudi Arabia, Zain has only developed the above-mentioned SMS bundles which you can choose according to your pocket. All these Zain SMS offers are way more beneficial than you think, all these packages are designed after a thorough survey of their users residing in KSA.

These Zain sms bundles are enough for you as they will be fulfilling your messaging needs whether you want to send local SMS, or offer international messages. Also, remember that these Zain message packages are not merely offering SMS services, there are some other benefits too included in them, which you can find after thoroughly reading the package detail.

Please note that each sms bundle has a different code string that you will have to send to the helpline number 959 or 700160 in order to achieve the successful sms package subscription on your Zain sim card. Also, make sure that the offer you are activating is liable for auto-deactivation or auto-subscription until you deactivate because some offer are valid until you unsubscribe and some are with 30 days expiry.

Kareeb and Khateer SMS packages will keep working until you unsubscribe by yourself using the special deactivation code specific to the package. These packages are also known as until you subscribed sms packages which are not cost-friendly usually for some of the users.

Why Zain SMS offers

  1. You should choose Zain SMS packages due to the reasonable price they are charging for providing amazing SMS and other benefits included. If you compare the number of advantages Zain offer in their bundles, they will always be more than some other multi-level telecom companies.
  2. Another reason why Zain should be on your prior list for packages is that Zain is a highly experienced telecom giant in the Saudi territory which decades of technical experience, for this reason, their uptime is always greater than other mobile communication brands. Zain’s manpower is always highly qualified.

Conditions and terms of usage

  • Zain’s sms offers are prone to change in terms of price and any other thing about the package from Zain because Zain officially is the owner of the rights for these sms bundles and all other zain offers including internet and calling offers.
  • Only these offers can be subscribed to if you are using Zain service within Saudi Arabia.
  • Famous KSA tax like VAT (Value Added Tax) is added from Zain in the bundle price.
  • All Zain sms packages are prepaid, for this your account will be pre-charged for the offer price.


Keep track of the subscribe SMS offer in case you selected UYS (Until You Subscribed) offer, otherwise your Zain mobile account will keep charging for the bundle price.

Final verdict

All zain SMS packages have been listed above after thorough research and understanding from which you can activate with some clicks only on your smartphone. All these offers are really not tough to activate, they only require you just a typing and send a special code string to the allocated service or helpline Zain number which is quite simple and easy.