Zain Prepaid eSim 4-Week Data Plan

GB Data
Week validity
Calling Minutes
Offer Price in SAR


Zain eSim 4-week data plan is a prepaid eSim bundle that includes 100 GB of nonstop internet data for only 115 Saudi Riyals. For this offer, you must have a valid Zain eSim.

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To subscribe to this offer, you have to purchase a Zain sim from your nearest Zain retail shop. You can ask your retailer about the eSim offer you are interested in.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only prepaid eSim holders are eligible to activate this offer anywhere within the KSA territory.
  • The offer without any extra time given will be expired on reaching the expiry time of 4 weeks. You are advised to use all benefits within the validity time.
  • This is a prepaid plan, you must have the subscription charges preloaded in your Zain account.
  • Regular Zain sim holders may not be able to subscribe eSim offer.
  • The price for this offer is 115 SAR which does include VAT.
  • Please note that this offer will not be suitable for you if you are using any GSM phone or button cellular phone with 2G Technology.
  • For internet usage, your phone’s internet data must be enabled, otherwise, you won’t be able to use any internet feature from your phone.

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