zain prepaid data only 50mb 5g

Zain Prepaid Data Only 50MB 5G

Free Calling Minutes
MBs For Internet
Code For Package Activation
MBs For Social Media
Code For Deactivation
Price For Package Subscription in SAR

Description For Package

This offer is one of the low-priced and affordable Zain internet packages. This package offers 50MBs of internet data in which all internet usage like Social Media and other internet surfing are included. If you use any of the internet apps all the credit will be consumed from the whole 50MB given in the offer.

This package will cost you only 2.300 SAR for activation with no additional or hidden charges from the company. This package will be valid for 1 day or 24 hours: you can only the benefits offered in this package within 24 hours, after reaching this time frame this package will be expired will all benefits.

Package Subscription

To activate this package: type ‘401’ on your smartphone’s message app using the sim on which you want to activate the offer and send it to ‘959’. If you want to unsubscribe from this internet offer, simply type ‘4012’ on the messaging app using the same sim, and send it to the same number ‘959’.

Please make sure, after subscribing to this or any other Zain internet offer, the offer will not be unsubscribed automatically, which means you have to deactivate and unsubscribe from the package manually, otherwise, a credit deduction will happen on the time of expiry automatically.

Terms and Conditions 

  • This internet offer can only be subscribed to and enjoyed by users residing in all KSA states. No other country people with a Zain connection can subscribe to the offer using the same procedure and subscription credentials.
  • After you subscribe and use this package, this package will remain to subscribe on your sim cars. In order to deactivate after usage you have to unsubscribe from the offer, otherwise, auto-deduction and auto-subscription will keep happening at the time of offer expiry.
  • All the package information related to this specific internet package is not liable to be the same in the future. They can be changed, canceled, or shuffled from the company Zain at any time. 
  • All the information regarding this package including pricing, benefits, and subscription methods are properly researched and authentic from our side. However, there are chances some information may be wrong or not updated due to human error.

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