Prepaid 3 Months 30GB Data and Social Media Offer

Zain Prepaid 3 Months 30GB Data and Social Media Offer

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Subscribing to this Zain offer gives a package of 30GB of internet data including Facebook only and other internet surfing. Make sure, in 30GB only both fb and internet GBs are included, no other 30Gb will be given. You can use Facebook with any other internet application, the deduction will be from the whole 30GB of internet data.

You can enjoy this offer within 90 days or 3 months. After reaching this time limit, all the benefits and internet GBs will be expired and not be of any use.

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Package Subscription

To subscribe to this package: type a message with code ‘409′ and end at 959. Similarly, if you plan to deactivate this offer: send 4092 to 959. The addition of 2 at the end of any activation code will be applied to unsubscribing from the activated offer.

Terms and Conditions 

  • Only people living in KSA states can apply for this internet package offer. People living in other gulf countries cannot subscribe to this internet offer.
  • Changes in pricing and the benefits given in the packages are applicable to any change and cancellation from the company at any time.
  • The pricing for the package is set including VAT (Value Added Tax) by the Saudi Government.
  • The package will not be canceled after finishing, you have to unsubscribe/deactivate the package by yourself by sending the above-given code.
  • The information given on our site can be sometimes wrong due to human-created mistakes or errors. 

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