Zain Mix 5G 80GB Data and Unlimited Social

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Description For Package

Zain mixed offer is a 5G offer in which Zain is offering its users some amazing benefits that include Unlimited nonstop social media usage, and 80 Gb internet surfing with the fastest 5G speed.

The offer will be valid for 4 weeks and the price for this exclusive Zain mixed offer is only 205.85 Saudi Riyals.

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Package Subscription

To subscribe to this amazing offer on your Zain sim, send ‘S179’ from your Zain sim to ‘959’ and the offer will be activated.

If you want to deactivate this specific Zain offer, then send ‘BCS179’ to ‘959’.

Terms and Conditions 

  • The offer has geographical limits, only Zain users residing anywhere in the KSA territory can have this offer on their Zain sims.
  • The offer is a time-limited offer, for this Zain has the legal permission to make any type of change or even cancel the offer when they want.
  • Please be sure that the offer price also includes VAT accordingly KSA laws and government.
  • The offer will auto-renew itself if you don’t subscribe to it again after expiry, so make sure you deactivate or unsubscribe from this offer by yourself in case you don’t want this offer.
  • All the information related to this mixed Zain offer is correct and thoroughly researched from tier 1 or high authority resources in which Zain official is also included. You can claim any type of mistake on this page using our contact credentials. We agree that human mistakes are a part.
  • If you don’t utilize all the benefits given in the offer within the expiry time, the benefits will also expire and you will not be able to utilize.

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