Zain KSA Prepaid 150 GB Data and Social Media

Validity for This Offer
Internet Data GBs
Subscription code String
Social Apps Usage 
Unsubscription Code String
Bundle Subscription Price SAR

Description For Package

Zain prepaid 150 GB is offering its users 150 GB of separate internet data, and 150 GB of separate social mediate usage with 3 months validity for only 458.85 Saudi Riyals price.

Social media usage only solely includes TikTok, Facebook, and Youtube apps. Reaching expiry time, no app will be accessible.

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Package Subscription

To subscribe to this prepaid zain bundle on your Zain sim, send 422 to 959.

To unsubscribe, send 4222 to 959.

After following these procedures, wait for 1 or 2 minutes for a successful operation.

Terms and Conditions 

  • No other app except Facebook, YouTube, and Tiktok is included in this prepaid package.
  • Only Saudians or people currently living in KSA states will be eligible to subscribe to this offer on their Zain sims.
  • You can’t use all the offer credentials for subscribing to any other prepaid Zain offer.
  • This offer can be prone to any change or cancelation according to legal Zain rights. Consider this offer for a limited time period because due to inflation prices and benefits can be changed.
  • The offered rate in SAR also includes VAT charges, you don’t need to worry, VAT will be deducted automatically when you subscribe to this offer.
  • Once the offer is expire, no offer benefit will be accessible or beneficiary anymore, try to utilize all within validity.
  • The package will auto-activate, try to deactivate yourself if you are interested to have this offer anymore using the above-told deactivation guidelines.
  • All information is highly authentic and researched from trustable resources. 

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