Zain internet packages are most commonly subscribed to by Saudi expats due to their affordable and flexible rates. Zain is one of the most popular and leading telecom services in Saudia Arabia since 2008 when the company started local operations in KSA.

Due to the diversified range of data packages Zain offers, it is hard for some users to find a suitable package and subscribe to them. We here managed all zain internet offers for our visitors to choose from and activate in just a matter of minutes.

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Zain daily internet offers

Zain daily net packages are available with a minimum of 12 hours to 24 hours and up to 3 days validity. Zain 3 days validity packages will allow you to enjoy your offer within the time period of 72 hours. You can find many internet packages in which you will find free calling minutes, using which you can call to Pakistan, India, and Bangaladesh. If you are in Pakistan and want to use internet with calling benefits, you can check Jazz one day internet package or many other offers related to internet. By subscribing to these internet offers, you can also avail ehas program services, you can also 8171 check online 2023 by ehsas program which is available 24/7.

Zain Internet PackagesExpiryCalling MinSocial MediaPrice
Zain Unlimited GCC Roaming12hUnlimitedUnlimited Data Only67.85 SR
Zain prepaid data only 50MB (5G)1D50MB2.300 SR
Zain prepaid unlimited (5G)1DUnlimited12.65 SR
Zain prepaid unlimited (5G)1DUnlimitedUnlimited20.70 SR
Zain Unlimited Youtube Only1D10.35 SR
Zain Unlimited Social Media1DUnlimited5.75 SR
Zain Unlimited GCC Roaming3DUnlimitedUnlimited Data Only205.85 SR

Zain internet packages weekly

Following are all the weekly zain offers that you can activate on your zain sim with a validity of 7 days or 15 days. Some weekly zain packages are available with 15-day validity, such packages will expire reaching 15 day time period, but not in 14 days.

Zain Weekly Internet PackagesExpiryCall MinSocial MediaPrice
Zain prepaid data only 500 MB (5g)1W500MB13.8 SR
Zain prepaid flex plan (5g)1W302GB21.85 SR
Zain prepaid unlimited (5G)1WUnlimited97.75 SR
Zain prepaid E-Sim 1WUnlimited33.35 SR
Zain Unlimited Youtube Only1W44.85 SR
Zain Unlimited Social Media1WUnlimited23 SR
Zain Unlimited GCC Roaming1WUnlimited Unlimited Data Only320.85 SR
Zain Unlimited Social Media1W_Unlimited40.25 SR
Zain Visitor Package2W50Min1 Gb Social + 3Gb Data34.5 SR
Zain Visitor Package15D15 Gb Data Only57.5 SR
Zain Unlimited GCC Roaming4WUnlimited Unlimited Data Only631.35 SR
Zain Visitor Package4W150Min5Gb Social + 10Gb data80.5 SR
Zain Visitor Package4W3505Gb Social + 25Gb data149.5 SR
Zain prepaid flex plan (5g)4W501GB33.35 SR
Zain prepaid flex plan (5g)4W250Unlimited 113.85 SR
Zain prepaid E-Sim 4W4005 GB + 5Gb Data67.85 SR
Zain prepaid E-Sim 4W150015 GB + 5 GB Data113.85 SR
Zain prepaid E-Sim 4W250Unlimited + 20 GB Data113.85 SR
Zain prepaid E-Sim 4W200050 GB Data Only115 SR
Zain prepaid E-Sim 4W3000Unlimited + 30GB Data126.50 SR
Zain prepaid E-Sim 4WUnlimitedUnlimited +  50GB Data143.75 SR
Zain prepaid E-Sim Plan4WUnlimitedUnlimited +  95GB Data161 SR
Zain Prepaid E-Sim Data Only4W230 SR
Zain Prepaid E-Sim Data Only4W100 GB Data Only115 SR
Zain Prepaid E-Sim Data Only4W200 GB Data Only180 SR
Zain Unlimited Social Media Package4WUnlimited200 SR

Zain internet packages monthly

All monthly Zain offers will expire reaching a minimum of 30 days time period. Consider even 3 or 2 months Zain packages in zain monthly offers. The process for subscribing even monthly zain offers is almost the same, just the activation and deactivation code for every package will differ,

Monthly InternetExpiryCall MinDataPrice
Zain Unlimited Youtube Only1M113.85 SR
Zain 25 GB + Social (5g)1M25GB113.85 SR
Zain prepaid data only 4 GB (5g)1M4GB57.5 SR
Zain prepaid data only 8 GB (5g)1M8GB 86.25 SR
Zain prepaid data only 100 GB (5g)1M100GB184 SR
Zain prepaid data only Unlimited (5g)1MUnlimited373.75 SR
Zain prepaid unlimited (5G)1MUnlimited373.75 SR
Zain 75 GB + Social (5g)2M75GB228.85 SR
Zain 30 GB + Social (5g)3M30GB201.25 SR
Zain 100 GB + Social (5g)3M100GB343.85 SR
Zain 150 GB + Social (5g)3M150GB485.85 SR
Zain prepaid data only 300 GB (5g)3M300GB517.50 SR
Zain prepaid data only unlimited (5g)3MUnlimited1148.85 SR
Zain prepaid flex plan (5g)3M800Unlimited366.85 SR
Zain prepaid unlimited (5G)3MUnlimited1148.85 SR
Zain prepaid E-Sim 3M800 MinUnlimited + 100GB Data366.85 SR
Zain Prepaid Mix 5G4005GB67.85 SR
Zain Prepaid Mix 5G150020GB113.85 SR
Zain Prepaid Mix 5G3000Unlimited171.35 SR
Zain Prepaid Mix 5GUnlimitedUnlimited205.85 SR
Zain Prepaid Mix 5GUnlimitedUnlimited228.82 SR

Zain after STC took the first mover advantage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by launching its 5g internet services. After penetrating the KSA market with a 5G network in 2019,  Zain soon launched E-sims which proved as the best product for mobile internet users in 2020 right after corona crisis.

Zain is constantly breaking records in offering top-notch reliable telecom services in most of the GCC countries. This is considered one of the best GCC companies that are consistently improving its user experience in this cut-throat competition.

Zain Internet Packages Subscription

All zain internet offers can be subscribed to by just sending the packages subscription code to ‘959’, Similarly, if you decided to unsubscribe from any of the internet offers, you have to add ‘2’ at the end of the specific package subscription code and send to the same number ‘959’

Some zain net offers will require you to add ‘CA‘ at the beginning of the activation code for offer cancelation. The rest will be the same, you will need to send such code to the same number ‘959’

Important Notice

All internet packages by zain are designed for auto-subscription after the offer expires. You have to manually unsubscribe from the offer you subscribed to after usage when you don’t need the offer anymore.

Final Verdict

All zain packages are authentic according to the best of our personal research. However, we are regularly updating new zain internet and other packages as they are officially announced by the company.


How to check Zain balance?

Zain balance check requires you to dial *142# on your smartphone.

How to check Zain number?

You can check your zain sim number by just dialing *144# from your smartphone.

How much Zain internet sim cost?

Zain is currently offering 3 sim categories: Black1 for 28.75 SR/month, Black2 for 57.50 SR monthly/1sim, and Black3 for 28.75 SR for 2 sims, and 1 sim will be free.