Zain calling packages comes in different price ranges and different bundle benefits offered. Zain is taking care of all types of its consumers by providing such a wide call package range keeping their Saudi locals as well as expat clients who want to call their own country.

It has designed its call packages for daily, weekly, and monthly users with affordable prices which not only include calling minutes but with this, some other side benefits are offered too for example if you buy an unlimited zain calling package, it will also provide you some internet GBs or MBs with some local or international SMS for free.

Zain is the very first 5G network introduced in Saudi Arabia and very quickly got famous among KSA people due to its best postpaid, and prepaid calling services among people of all Saudina states with a lot of benefits being offered.  Zain is now transformed into a telecom giant taking advantage of opportunities in the Saudi telecom sector by solving the burning problems of society.

Zain as a telecom organization has extensive experience in the industry due to the qualified tier-3 workers to tier-1 board of directors Zain is having. Zain from start didn’t compromise on the quality of services offered due to which it is from long time surviving with a great deal in the sector even with some telecom industry-leading traits.

Following are some amazing offers you can select according to your budget and need. The call packages by zain include: Zain call packages monthly, Zain local calling packages, Zain flexible minutes call packages, Zain visitors call packages, promotional calling packages, and International call packages. Zain all network call packages.

Zain daily call packages

Daily zain calling offers to come in different price ranges and benefits, the minimum or starting price for one day package will be 1.5 SAR and the maximum will be 30 Saudi Riyals which you can see in the table list. Also, note that every package has a different activation code listed below under subscribe.

Zain Call PackagesValidityLocal MinInternetSubscribePrice 
11 DayLimitlessLimitlessAUL > 95915 SR
21 Day25 minL1 > 9592.5 SR
31 DayLimitless1005 > 9591.5 SR
41 day200 min8708 > 9597 SR
51 day50 min 9210 > 9596 SR
61 day50min9107 > 9595 SR
71 day50 min8807 > 9595 SR
83 DaysLimitless1007 > 95925 SR
93 Days500 minL30 > 95930 SR

To subscribe any of the zain daily calling offers, send the activation code string to 959. For example, you want to subscribe to the first package, type AUL in the messaging app, and send to 959. Be sure that you must have the package price pre-added and recharged into your Zain mobile account and once the package is activated, it won’t be reversed or canceled for a refund.

Zain weekly calling offers

Zain weekly call packages start from 7 Riyals and end at 34.5 Riyals. All the following weekly packages offer different calling minutes with distinct validity times. The minimum calling minutes offered in weekly bundles is 30 minutes and the maximum is unlimited.

Zain Call PackagesValidityLocal MinSubscribePrice 
17 Days150 minL7 > 95913 SR
21 Week30 min100 > 95919 SR
37 DaysLimitless1006 > 9597 SR
47 Days120 minL7 > 95910 SR
51 week275 min9211 > 95930 SR
61 week65 min9671 > 95930 SR
71 week220 min9108 > 95920 SR
81 week220 min8808 > 95920 SR
91 week300 min9621 > 95920 SR
102 Week50 min3030 > 95934.5 SR

To subscribe to any of the weekly call bundles, type the subscription code in the built-in messaging app on your smartphone or IOS, and send it to 959. For example, if you want to have 2 weeks offer, type 3030 and send it to 959 and you are ready to enjoy the package.

All these offers listed are weekly only one offer contains 2 weeks of validity. You can’t use a specific subscription code to subscribe to any other zain package, all are designed uniquely. Please be noted that once you follow the activation procedure, the offer will be activated and won’t be refunded. Try to choose your package wisely and be sure you have the subscription amount pre-recharged in your Zain sim.

Zain call packages monthly

Zain monthly calling offers include 2 weeks, 1 month (30 days), and a maximum of 3 months plan for which the minimum offer rate will be 29 SAR and the maximum will be 319 SAR. Some monthly offers also have unlimited local or international calling minutes which you can check below.

Zain call packagesValidityCall minSubscriptionPrice
11 Month500 minL3 > 95930 SR
21 month6009212 > 95960 SR
31 month2009672 > 95975 SR
41 month6709109 > 95950 SR
51 month6708809 > 95950 SR
61 month10009622 > 95960 SR
74 Weeks400 min10GBS59 > 95959 SR
84 Weeks1500 min50GB Limitless SMS99 > 95999 SR
94 Weeks3000 min50GB  Limitless SMS149 > 959149 SR
104 WeeksLimitless80GB Limitless SMS179 > 959179 SR
114 WeeksLimitless95GB Limitless SMS199 > 959199 SR
124 Weeks50 min101 > 95929 SR
134 Weeks250 min102 > 95999 SR
144 Week1507070 > 95980.5 SR
154 Week3501300 > 959149.5 SR
164 weeks3008707 > 95985 SR
173 Months800 min103 > 959319 SR

If you are interested to have monthly Zain calling packages on your phone, you will be required to send the activation code to 959 similarly you do in other zain call packages. Suppose you want a 3-month calling package, you are required to type a special code string for this offer 103 and send it to 959.


Every zain offer has a specific subscription or activation code, chose very carefully the subscription code, otherwise, you may not be able to have the exact desired calling package. Zain is not offering yet refund if you change your mind immediately after subscribing to any offer.

All the zain calling offers are only available within the KSA states or only KSA people can subscribe to this offer no matter if you are a Saudi expat or local. All the above-mentioned offers are designed officially by Zain telecom for auto-subscription or auto-renewal at the expiry time. If you want any of the subscribed offer to deactivate follow the unsubscription procedure which is also designed particularly for each offer.

These are the offers that are updated according to the current going year, further modifications by Zain will also be updated here if any.  All the prices are finalized and also include VAT (Value Added Tax) as per new Saudi Arabian law delegated on the First of January 2018.

You are also advised to consume the package wisely within the specific package’s validity period or it will expire will all the features included in it and you will not be able to consume anymore any of the feature or benefit of the package, Zain hasn’t given grace or extra time period for package consumption after expiration to any of the customers.

Why Zain call packages

Zain in Saudi Arabia is a leader for decades due to the high-end telecom technologies they are using and most importantly keeping their customer always happy. Zain has always fulfilled its promises by providing the exactly same benefits as mentioned in the package. Another reason why should you use Zain is because of its affordable and economical rates for all the packages it designed.

Zain is having an extensive range of packages that can be suitable for any type of budget, also this is the only telecom company in KSA that is taking care of its international clients who are expats and willing to call their loved ones in their homeland for a very economical price.


How can I activate Zain monthly call package?

Visit the nearest Zain retail shop or directly call helpline 959, you can also call 0590000959 from networks other than Zain.

What are Zain call packages code?

Different Zain call packages have different codes, to see check the above-mentioned Zain subscription code strings.

Final Verdict

All the zain call packages have been listed above, the one which matches your interest is just one step away from you. You just have to put the specialized subscription code string in your android messaging app and send it to 959 which is the official helpline number of Zain.  We have listed daily and weekly offers above because these are the most demanded zain offers as compared to monthly.