Zain Mix 5G 50GB Data and Unlimited Social

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Gb Data Usage Offered
Offer Activation Code
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Description For Package

Zain mixed 5G 50GB is an unlimited social media offer in which you can also avail of 50 GB internet data usage or internet surfing including all websites. The apps included in social media usage are Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

Subscribing to this offer, you will be charged 171.35 Riyals and the offer will be valid for the next 4 weeks on your Zain sim. 

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Package Subscription

You are required to send code string ‘S149’ from the same Zain sim on which you want this bundle offer and send it to ‘959’.

To unsubscribe from this offer, just add BC at the start of subscription code as ‘BCS149‘ and send it to ‘959’.

Terms and Conditions 

  • This offer is subject to any change or cancelation in the future by Zain officials without any permission from Zain users according to the legal rights Zain Telecom has.
  • The offer will renew in auto mode if you do not subscribe, make sure you unsubscribe when you don’t need this anymore in the future.
  • This offer is only available in the country Saudi Arabia, if you own a Zain sim of any other GCC country, you will not be able to subscribe to this offer with the same credentials.
  • The offer price in SAR also includes VAT (Value Added Tax).
  • You will not be able to use any of the benefits included in this offer after the expiry time is reached, please make sure you use all the offered benefits within the validity time, no extra time will be given to any of the Zain users.

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