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Top Jollibee Foods Ranked Bad2Best

Jollibee is a oldest fast food restaurnt in the beautiful country Philippines. It all started some decades back and grown to a giant food venture in the history of the Philippines. Currently this food company is owning more than 2000 different food chains scattered in the territory of Philippines.

This restaurant isn’t just limited to a local restaurant now, but gained a huge demand in multiple countries. Every food love who once try any food from Jollibee menu become a fan of it due to ts high quality due to which it is now popularizing as an international brand. Let’s look at Jollibee’s foods than are ranked bad to best.

The Jollibee Tenders

When it comes to Jollibee’s chicken tenders, be prepared for a disappointing experience. These greasy and crumb-laden bites are far from ideal for eating while in motion, as they are bound to create a messy situation. Moreover, the unappealing texture of the breading, which is both chalky and filled with hard bits, will likely leave you wanting to abandon your meal midway. Save yourself the disappointment and steer clear of this item on the menu – it’s hard to find anything worse at Jollibee than these chicken tenders.

Jollibee Yumburger

Forget about the Yumburger’s tiny proportions once you experience its unappealing flavor profile. While the bun is satisfactory, it pales in comparison to the overpowering taste of the beef. The excessive use of pepper, salt, and onion powder completely masks any natural flavors in the meat blend. Furthermore, despite being accompanied by a mildly enjoyable sweet mayo topping, it is unable to mask the overwhelming seasoning that dominates every bite.

Mashed Potatoes

At Jollibee, the mashed potatoes are well-mashed but lack the desired creaminess and savoriness. Adding to the disappointment, the gravy fails to excite. A truly exceptional gravy should immediately captivate your taste buds and elevate the mashed potatoes to new heights. Regrettably, Jollibee’s version falls short of making a lasting impression. It possesses an acceptable level of flavor but fails to truly captivate.

Chicken Sandwich

The brioche bun adds a delightful flavor to the sandwich, while the chicken breast boasts an undeniable juiciness. Unfortunately, the breading falls short in terms of taste, lacking any distinct flavor. It’s not that the crispy coating tastes unpleasant, but rather that it lacks any significant taste.

French Fries

Regrettably, despite the delectable brioche bun and succulent chicken breast, the blandness of the breading leaves much to be desired. Although the crispy coating doesn’t have a negative taste per se, it disappointingly lacks any notable flavor profile.

Steak Burger

At Jollibee, the burger steak is a delightful combination of their signature beef patties and the scrumptious Yumburger. Placed elegantly on a plate, these patties are generously coated with a luscious mushroom gravy that truly enhances the overall taste experience. This isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill gravy found alongside mashed potatoes; it’s bursting with real mushrooms, making every bite burst with delectable flavors.

Jollibee Spaghettis

Prior to placing your order for this meal, please note that it is not comparable to any spaghetti dish typically served at Italian chain restaurants. While the noodles may have some similarities, all other aspects are entirely distinct. Firstly, the sauce has an unexpectedly sweet flavor. Additionally, there are no traditional meatballs included; instead, Jolly Spaghetti incorporates ham chunks, ground meat, and slices of hot dogs.

Jollibee’s Aloha Burger

The Aloha Yumburger takes fast food to new heights by bringing together two succulent beef patties, a slice of cheese, and crisp lettuce between two fluffy buns. To transport your taste buds to an extravagant luau celebration, Jollibee adds slices of crispy bacon alongside a tantalizing pineapple ring and their unique Aloha Dressing – a harmonious fusion of honey mustard-like sauce. This extraordinary sandwich showcases the artistry behind its towering ingredients as they effortlessly blend sweetness, savoriness, tartness, and saltiness – an unparalleled feat in the fast food world.

Palabok Fiesta

The heart and soul of Palabok Fiesta lies in the flawless preparation of rice noodles. Jollibee goes above and beyond by adorning these noodles with savory sautéed pork, delicate slices of boiled egg, and a generous serving of succulent shrimp. The pièce de résistance is the luscious garlic sauce that crowns this culinary masterpiece.


Jollibee is considered an authority brand, you can eat any of these items from here without thinking about losing your money. We are pretty sure you will enjoy here at best if you decide to invest in a portion of food at Jollibee.

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