Masami Sushi Menu and Prices KSA

ItemPrice (SAR)
Nigiri Sushi (2 pieces)20 SAR
Maki Roll (6 pieces)25 SAR
Sashimi (8 pieces)35 SAR
Tempura Roll (6 pieces)30 SAR
California Roll (8 pieces)35 SAR
Dragon Roll (8 pieces)40 SAR
Spicy Tuna Roll (6 pieces)30 SAR
Salmon Avocado Roll (6 pieces)35 SAR
Unagi Roll (8 pieces)40 SAR
Ebi Nigiri (2 pieces)25 SAR
Tuna Sashimi (6 pieces)40 SAR
Salmon Nigiri (2 pieces)30 SAR
Soft Shell Crab Roll (8 pieces)45 SAR
Vegetable Roll (6 pieces)25 SAR
Tamago Nigiri (2 pieces)20 SAR
Dynamite Roll (8 pieces)35 SAR

Masami Sushi Menu Items Details

Edamame: Roasted soybeans sprinkled with sea salt. Edamame is a popular dish in Japanese cuisine, giving you a light and healthy start. The potatoes are soft and slightly sweet, making for a hearty meal.

Gyoza – These savory dumplings are pan-fried to perfection. Choose from succulent pork sauce or savory vegetables. Gyoza is known for its crispy, juicy exterior. They are usually served with a tangy dipping sauce that goes perfectly with the savory dish.

Miso Soup: A typical Japanese soup made from fermented soybeans called miso. It is traditionally made with tofu, seaweed and scallions. Miso soup is warm, comforting and offers a rich umami flavor. It is a staple of Japanese cuisine and is often enjoyed as a starter.

Agedashi Tofu: The tofu cubes are lightly coated and deep-fried until crispe, then served with a rich sauce. This dish is known for its flip side, where the soft interior of tofu is complemented by a crispy exterior. The sauce adds a rich umami flavor to the dish.

California Roll: A popular sushi roll made with crab sticks, avocado and cucumber. They are usually wrapped in seaweed and sushi rice, then cut into bite-sized pieces. The California Roll is a great choice for those who prefer a milder sushi experience, as it combines creamy avocado with mild crab stick flavor

Spicy Tuna Roll: This roll features a tempting blend of fresh tuna with spicy mayonnaise, cucumber and scallions. The spiciness of the mayo adds volume to the roll, while the cool cucumber provides a refreshing balance.

Dragon Roll: A visually stunning roll with tempura shrimp, avocado and cucumber as the base. Then top with eel and avocado slices, re

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